Joss X Shaft

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Joss Replacement Cue Shaft


Extra shaft for Joss Cues.
Available in 12, 12.25, 12.5, 12.75, 13, 13.25, 13.5, 13.75, 14mm diameter and
30 inch 13mm diameter.

Tip: Triangle brand, hard
Ferrule: "Aegis Linen"- aegis is a linen based plastic that is designed to hit like ivory.
Shaft: 29" long with a 9" to 10" pro taper, hard rock maple
Joint: Piloted, has a stainless steel collar with black plastic rings
Pin: Size is 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel

Retail Price - $195.00

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Sale Price - $165.75

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